Monday, December 16, 2013

Perfect Parfait

This is my absolute favorite breakfast! It doesn't take too long to put together but still tastes amazing and allows you to get all sorts of different yummy textures and tastes. This takes me less that 5 minutes to make once I have got all the ingredients in front of me.

The equipment you will need is;

  • 3 x spoons (doesn't matter what size but I like to use desert spoons)
  • A glass that you can layer your parfait into

  • Muesli (I use homemade, so I know there is no added sugar, and with whole oats)
  • Lite Greek yogurt (Plain or flavored)
  • Apple sauce or any other soft fruit (make sure your fruit has no added sugar)
  • Grab your glass, spoon and your muesli, spoon in enough muesli to cover the bottom of the glass and so it is high enough to create a nice layer (I like to have each ingredient layer 1/6th of my glass).
  • On top of the muesli spoon on the yogurt until the layer of yogurt is as thick as the muesli's.
  • Repeat with the Apple sauce or whatever fruit you have chosen.
  • Now you should have three reasonable similar sized layers that fill up half the cup, repeat the steps above to form a full glass parfait.
Here is my final result;
The great thing about this is that you can have as much yogurt to muesli and apple as you want! The yogurt provides protein as well as calcium, but such a small amount is used that the protein doesn't really add up to that much. The apple is very easy to digest and sweetens up the meal so that the Greek yogurt doesn't make it too bitter. The oats in the muesli are a complex carb, allowing your body to have a steady out put of energy and won't spike your blood sugar like other refined cereals, loaded with sugar and white flours. 
The amount of sugar in this parfait is purely natural sugars! 

None of the sugars are refined and this makes a perfect treat without having to feel guilty! Sorry for some reason the calories on this isn't right. It should be 239 calories.


  1. This looks so yummy! Welcome to the world of blogger!

    Lorraine x

    1. Thank you! Hope you give it a ago and enjoy :)